Friday, February 10, 2012

Sushi Master

So, the other day I experienced a 'Game Changer'. I learned how to make my own sushi. HUGE NEWS. 

Can you believe it? This was made with my own two hands...YUM
Over the last year I have developed quite an appetite for sushi. Now this isn't to say I didn't loveee sushi before (because I did) but it's sort of turned in to a full blown addiction. Like-need-it-three-times-a-week-at-least- kind of thing. And I know for a fact I am not alone in this. Actually, I would say that most of my friends also suffer from said addiction.

My friend Stephanie found about about these little cooking/ drinking classes they have at the LCBO and immediately signed us up. It was such a fun experience and I would really recommend it to anyone and EVERYONE. We learned how to make sushi from the sushi master himself (chef David Chung of Akasaka), we sampled a variety of booze, and we laughed a ton. Really a win-win-win. 

Chef David preparing all of the ingredients we used
I can't wait to try this out at home and impress all my friends. We pretty much won't ever need to go to a sushi restaurant again!....well that's a blatant lie...can't let the restaurants go out of business now can we.

Almost everything we needed to prepare our sushi

First things first: Grilled Spicy Salmon Hand Roll. So amazing and the seaweed had such a nice crunch to it!

The Sake, White Wine and Sparkling Wine we sampled throughout the class. We also got to taste some lovely Japanese beer. My one complaint: the portion sizes should have been bigger...

Miss Stephanie with her completed sushi!

Look how beautiful the California roll is! If I do say so myself...

Smoked Salmon and Avocado Hand roll... I love me the Hand Rolls

Check out a class for yourself! Go the LCBO website here.

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