Thursday, August 18, 2011


I’m planning a little birthday soiree in about a week and have decided to hold on for dear life to summer (AH! it's almost the end of August) and obviously have a little BBQ in the backyard. My friend Steph showed me this wonderful website called paperlesspost which has the CUTEST e-invitations ever.  I had a really good time going through them and couldn’t help but imagine the endless possibilities using them for all the future affairs I plan on organizing as well. This is the template for the one I chose (I thought it had a fun, slightly “sexy” vibe to it).
I'll be changing the writing to suit my party....obviously. Check it out here.

For the party itself I’m hoping to find some Chinese lanterns to hang up, and I’m really thinking burgers, sangria, backyard bar, music, warm air, FUN. I found these pictures for some inspiration, and I am OH SO confident my small, worn down, chain link fenced backyard will look identical to some of these shots. Enjoy!

Pictures all found from pinterest, here.

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  1. Ahhhh now that I see images of your "perfect birthday party" I will work towards making Saturday like this!!