Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Favs

Just wanted to share with you a few favorites of my summer. Kind of a random collection, but you have to remember whos blog this is!! Mostly my favorite things of summer have to do with being outdoors, especially in that summer heat, and eating the most ripe, juicy and flavorful foods. In my mind nothing is better than a perfectly ripened summer peach! (I even asked for one for my birthday…. No joke) I guess as a summer baby, this season holds a special place in my heart. First place. I see my friends way more, I spend as much of my free time in the outdoors sans shoes, and just because I can say so- I laugh much much more. That may or may not be a direct reflection on the fact that I drink much much more, whether it be on a patio or a dock. Cheers to summer, white wine spritzers and coronas with lime!

Fishing on the dock
photo courtesy of my sister, Erin
'Summer' the Dog
Photo courtesy of my friend Lauchlin
On the way to a summer oasis, the RCYC on the Island
Summer ripe tomatoes with fresh basil from my herb garden!

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