Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Living

Oh how sad it is when the weekend comes to a close and you wake up to that screaming alarm and realize that once again…it’s Monday. I had a wonderful weekend where my plans almost completely surrounded around eating. Which in my eyes is absolutely wonderful. I enjoyed drinks and snacks on the rooftop of the Hyatt Hotel with a beautiful view of the city of Toronto to gaze at while sipping my Gin/ Sake/cucumber martini (yumm). I tried an amazing new restaurant called Barque, check it out here.  Their thing is slow cooked meats and homemade bbq sauces…mmm. They opened in April and have been packed every night since. This was the case when we arrived, and even though the 4 of us settled for sitting at the bar we still had a fabulous time and we couldn’t stop raving about the food!! Other than that there was a lot of patios, lots of eating and maybe a little too much drinking. Happy Monday!

Martinis on the Hyatt Rooftop

My vintage inspired shot of the Toronto Skyline

BARQUE: The Tasting platter consisting of Beef Rib, Brisket, and chicken thigh. Sides of Cuban corn, Asparagus and potato salad. Talk about a meal!

Utensiles: Knife, Fork and BBQ Sauce brush

Potato Salad

Lois Lane enjoying her meal

 I went a little instragram crazy with the pics....

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