Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dine N Dash

I’ve kind of gone on a little eating out bender recently. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been living at home and am feeling too busy to cook, or maybe it’s the fact that one of my biggest enjoyments is reading up on new restaurants, but either way I’ve had some GREAT experiences dinning out in this city lately.  I am in no regards a food critic, and have recently been teased for not having a ‘refined palate’ due to some of the foods I avoid (orange creamsicles, yogurt, cinnamon gum….). But either way, here are a couple of restaurants I’ve visited lately and would like to pass along as recommendations to go and try! Go out, explore, taste….and let me know what you think!
Wvrst (609 King St. W)
A few weeks ago a friend and I went to check out this newly opened German beer hall inspired restaurant at 609 King St. W.  Communal tables, a wide variety of beer to choose from and oooohh boy that sausage selection! There are 18 different sausage options to pick from including Kangaroo meat (…I decided to be less adventurous and chose Italian, still a great choice), and the option of duck fat fries for a side (dooo it). The sausage came topped with 2 options, laid in a super soft and delicious bun, and several mustard options adorned the table for that extra bit of YUM.  It was so delicious I forgot to take a picture of it in all its glory and gobbled down the sausage and fries in a fit of happiness. The restaurant has a super cool vibe so here are some pictures of that instead….

Case at the front with all the sausage selection!

Kangaroo Anyone?
Smith (533 Church St.)
What better way is there to celebrate a birthday than with friends, spectacular food and of course a couple of bottles of Veuve? We went off to Smith on a Thursday night to celebrate our friend Sarags’ bday.  We were more concentrated on the drinking part than on the food for this particular occasion, however the food I did eat was soooo delicious. It fueled me up for the night and while nibbling I immediately desired a quick return to sample their brunch menu, as well as come back for a proper meal. Cheers!

The Birthday Girl and Jordy

Partially eaten...but AMAZING Beef Carpaccio

Charcuterie Platter


Foxley (207 Ossington Ave.)
By far this is one of my most favorite restaurants to go to in Toronto. But there is something so special about it that you wouldn’t want to go everyday…because I think that might just ruin its magic. There is one item on the menu I ALWAYS have to get, the arctic char ceviche. I get so excited to take a bite of this dish and when I finally get to it never disappoints. It’s like the most perfect flavour explosion in your mouth (I should probably be a judge on Iron Chef America…I mean HELLO.)
Arctic Char Ceviche

Shrimp, Calamari and Mango salad

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  1. WHEW! How bizarre, how bizarre. What an absolutely epic blog you have here, Vanessa. I can't tell you how truly inspiring your writing is. Keep up the great stuff.