Monday, November 21, 2011


Gorgeous view from the Ladies washroom in the John Hancock Center... Yes we went up all 96 floors just to use the *washroom*

I’ve officially returned to Hog Town, and though I may not be totally rested, it was a much needed break from work and I now feel ‘rejuvenated’.  Chicago was glorious; we did a lot of walking around and discovered many cool neighbourhoods in the city (my favorites being Wicker Park and Andersonville). I sipped on many a delicious drink, ate tons of good food, saw the ‘bean’, laughed with my girls and even had a guided tour around the Chicago Art Institute by our friend/art student, Harry. The fall weather seemed to have blown away and our cheeks were kissed with a warm sun reminiscent of a late August day. Here are a few pictures and tidbits from my trip (almost all revolve around the drinks that were had…). Cheers!

Stephanie, brightening up the subway, on our way Downtown

Amazing 'Dark and Stormy' and 'The Wait List' from Chicago's G&T Oysters

Scallops, acorn squash, candied bacon, and brussels sprouts
from G&T Oysters, check out their menu here.
I dare you to find one thing on their menu you wouldn't want to try,
I could just write a separate post solely on the amazingness of this resto.

Walking around Wicker Park

The beautiful details on the drinks at the extremely divine Violet Hour Speakeasy, a must-do in Chicago. 

The BEAN: which is the real Steph and Allie?

Deep Dishing in Chicago, a scary but amazing mix.

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  1. two glam ladayz in chi townnnn.

    1) that menu made me salivate. MAKE THE POST
    2) love steph's face in the deep dish photo. warranted, as that za looks terrifying.
    3) did you take the stairs for the 96 flights? i'll be disappointed to hear otherwise.