Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pizza Pie

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie. That’s amore!” It’s true. It’s really really true. Whenever my eye spots a beautiful slice of pizza I fall in love all over again (with the pizza that is). I love pizza. And who doesn’t? I mean- what a classic staple that has everything you could ever want. Crispy doughy goodness, melted cheese, meat, perhaps some fresh veggies…mmmm.

...YES! That is sparkly cheese!

I got a pizza stone last Christmas and have been slightly scared to use it since I’ve never used fresh pizza dough to make pizza. I mean you have to heat the stone to 500 and then somehow maneuver a floppy fresh pizza onto it? I was just slightly terrified of dropping it on the floor before it even made it to the oven. Finally I got up my courage, and although I didn’t make my own dough (next time!), I still used fresh dough, and o' boyyy did me and my man make good pizza. I found a great technique online using saran wrap and parchment paper (see below) and it was so easy. My man requested a thin crust so we rolled the dough out as thin as we could, pilled the toppings sky high, and cooked the pizza in the oven for about 15 minutes. They. Were. Incredible. I can’t wait to do this again! And for those of you sans pizza stone, I’m sure it would turn out great on the back of a cookie sheet as well.

Get all the ingredients ready! Fresh grated mozzarella and large leaves of basil

Tip: Lay the dough on onto a piece of parchment paper, cover with saran wrap and shape into a flat circle with a rolling pin (no flour needed!), keep parchment paper under pizza while baking. This makes it easy to transfer into a super hot oven.

Brush the dough with a mixture of olive oil, garlic and oregano

Spread on some pizza sauce and start putting on your toppings! (seen here: spicy salami)

On the first pizza we added sauteed mushrooms, peppers and onions, then topped it with fresh basil

Cover it with mozzarella and bocconcini cheese

Cook at 500 until the cheese is all bubbly and delicious

Look at that thin crust!

The second pizza we put on spicy salami, artichokes, basil, tomato slices and topped it with arugula once it was cooked

Talk about yummm


  1. OMGGGGG Yummmmm. Looks so delicious. The spicy salami really gets me.

  2. Vanessa! This looks soo good I might just have to fly over to T.O. and have you make me some! wowow.
    ... the fact that you even own a pizza stone is amazing in an of itself.
    Great blog.