Tuesday, November 22, 2011

La Carnita

I have a problem with Toronto. And that problem stems from the fact that it is extremely difficult to find half decent Mexican/South American food here.  So when I recently read an article about a certain ‘pop up’ taco place that supposedly has the best Fish Tacos in Toronto, I had to find out more. The problem was that ‘pop up’ means just that, it ‘pops up’. You can’t just walk somewhere and it be a guarantee, you have to search it out. It was almost like a hunt, I needed to figure out how to track these people down. And last night…I was finally successful.

I’ve been hearing rumblings of La Carnita for awhile now. When I went to look them up all I got was a website with a video on it that read “Buy limited edition artwork, get limited edition tacos.” Initially, I was confused.   A few weeks ago I finally tweeted at them basically begging them to tell me when they would be popping by next. I got a response that they would be at The Drake Hotel on the 21st. I booked it in my calendar weeks in advance and didn’t let anything get in my way of me tasting those tacos.

La Carnita's Cod Cheek Fish Tacos...sigh, they are beautiful
And taste I did. It was taco and tequila night, $3 shots of tequila, $5 tacos. The Drake had a fried chicken mole taco and La Carnita had fried cod cheek taco. And if it was a competition between the two (it wasn’t), La Carnita hit it out of the park. Maybe out of this earth. Up into space? Too far?

I asked what was in the tacos but it was too loud to get a straight answer. What I do know was that it was fried cod cheeks (perfectly soft and tender), cilantro, a red cabbage and carrot mix, and two delicious and flavourful sauces. While the chicken taco had a nice kick to it, the fish tacos were just so unbelievable and special I couldn’t leave without trying one more.  I’m definitely going to keep “stalking” this group and will do my best to try more of what they have to offer.  Check them out here, and I highly suggest following them on twitter (there’s lots of pictures of all their deliciousnessss.)

The Drake Hotel's Fried Chicken with mole sauce taco

A bird's eye view of La Carnita's Taco

The Toronto Life showing off the next La Carnita Taco I desperately want to try, Chorizo Taco: Mexican chorizo with mango salsa, avocado and cilantro on a handmade tortilla.

The beautiful print I got with my taco! They are all about Art and Tacos

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