Thursday, January 5, 2012

Got Meat?

If you're in the market for some deeeelicious meats I suggest trying out Cowbell in Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood. It has a lovely cozy French bistro vibe, beautiful atmosphere and some of the top tasting meats that I've had it my day. The charcuterie plate (which I was too busy gobbling down to take a picture of) had a beautiful selection of meats and things to try ( I was daring enough to sample a few duck hearts). My man concluded it was the best charcuterie he has had in the city...and if I were you, I'd trust him. 

My Meal: Red Angus Beef, Thanger Sausage, Mashed Potato and sauteed kale

The food was truly a delight. And the really surprising thing about my meal was that the sausage was the BEST sausage I have every had in my life. I liked it much more than the Red Angus Beef, cooked to a perfect medium rare, that was also on my plate. Shocking!!

My Man's Meal: Hanger Steak on a Potato Roti topped with Fried Egg, served with cooked Carrots and a Garlic Aioli
Now my man's meal was a real treat. The potato rosti was so delicious and the meal was reminiscent of an elevated steak and eggs breakfast. The Garlic Aioli was a perfect touch, and lets just say I kept going back for more bites.

The menu is constantly is constantly changing and can be found on a couple of chalkboards hanging around the restaurant

A warm and cozy vibe
1564 Queen St W  Toronto, ON M6R 1A6


  1. I wonder if my maaaaan would enjoy this. My man and I are enjoying a home cooked meal right now, but I'm sure me and my man could find the time to go here.

  2. The sausage would be your favourite part!! ;)