Monday, January 2, 2012

St.Germain Café

Last week my sisters, my mom and I went wedding dress shopping for my sister’s upcoming nuptials in July. It was all very exciting, and I even got to try on some amusing bridesmaid dresses which was the source of many laughs….much to the annoyance of my mom. My sister ordered a gorgeous dress, so to celebrate we went for a little post-shop lunch at the nearby St.Germain Café. It is a newly opened café located at 1767 Avenue Rd. (just north of Lawrence) and boasts organic, fresh and homemade food. And oh my was it a treat.

Though a tad expensive for an everyday lunch ($14 +tax, plus lattes) you could taste the freshness of the ingredients and the fact that it was made from scratch in their completely open kitchen in the back.

The décor is quite classy for a café with chandeliers over the counter and pops of bright red everywhere (the chairs, spoon art on the walls, etc.)

I started off with a truly amazing latte and after sipping my sister’s coffee I proclaimed how nice it is to actually be served a really good cup of coffee. We then dug in to our panini which was perfectly grilled and packed with so much flavour. Smoked gruyere, roasted vegetables and the homemade pesto were a plenty and the incredible taste of it all surprised me as I’ve gotten used to being served many lackluster paninis in my past. We opted for the side soup, which on that day was a tomato, white bean and rosemary soup. Spectacular! I may have to attempt to recreate it myself.

Roasted Vegetable Panini and a Tomato, White Bean and Rosemary soup drizzled with homemade Pesto

 It was lucky of us to stumble upon this beautiful little café. I hear they also have brunch…which I plan on trying out in the near future. Anyone care to join?

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